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Keep America Moving is a network of supporters who advocate for strengthening our nationís aging infrastructure to bolster our economy and keep our roads safe and efficient.

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We are falling behind in infrastructure investment as our nation’s motorists get snarled in worsening traffic. Help support safe and uncongested roads and bridges, which serve as the backbone of our economy. Congress needs to address this serious issue but time is running out. The Highway Trust Fund is projected to go bankrupt in 2014, according to Congressional Budget Office figures, which means many economically-bolstering, congestion-reducing highway projects and improvements are in jeopardy.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Census Bureau, every one dollar invested in road improvements results in an average benefit of $5.20 in the form of lower vehicle maintenance costs, fewer traffic delays, and less fuel consumption. Traffic congestion totals a staggering $121 billion in wasted fuel and time costs each year.  Comparatively, vehicle miles traveled increased 37% from 1999 to 2011 while new road mileage grew by a mere four percent.  Traffic crashes cost the nation $230 billion per year, amounting to $819 for each resident in medical, travel and workplace costs.

Our nation’s roads and bridges are rapidly deteriorating and the necessary revenue to simply maintain the current status quo is drying up as state and local governments grapple with dwindling budgets.  Facing increasingly stiff global competition, the nation cannot afford to under invest is such a critical component of the nation’s economic engine.

It’s time for our lawmakers to take action and support our highways.  Let your voice be heard and urge Congress to increase revenues for investment in roads and bridges!

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